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{December 28, 2009}   Arcturian Keys

Sacred Geometry: Unlock Your Potential with the Keys of the Arcturians

This is one of my favorite meditation tools. Janosh was a Dutch graphic designer uninterested in the new age movement. During the Harmonic Concordance of 2003 he felt the call to take part in the worldwide meditation for piece. Shortly thereafter he started receiving visions of three dimensional designs. Later he found out that these designs were some of the most famous crop circles which are still unexplained. He then started receiving information about the designs and their meanings from beings he identifies as the Arcturians.

The kit contains 33 beautiful cards used for meditation and divination. It includes an 89 page book explaining his story, the basics of sacred geometry and the meaning given to him about each design. Also included is a hardcover journal to record your experiences with the cards and 100 page tracing paper pad to help you connect kinestheticly to the images. The kit also includes a pencil and a 8 track music CD to listen to while contemplating the designs or tracing them.

The combination of multi-color holograms with the codes are called Keys “because they unlock potentials that already exist inside of us”.


Ascension Magick: Ritual, Myth & Healing for the New Aeon

A must have for lightworkers and starseeds. Christopher Penczak explores the basics of the new age ascension movement. This books gives a great foundation for often confusing concepts within this new age spirituality. The book covers ideas and concepts including angels, aliens, ascended masters, merkabah, the rays, channeling, dowsing, DNA, ascension, paradigm shift, human evolution and reincarnation among other things.

This book is well written and easy to read. Penczak draws on his Pagan background to explain and expand on the concepts within the book to a metaphysical audience who may not know anything about these ideas. It is a great beginner guide to anyone who is interested in these topics. This is a very thick book and Christopher does well in dispelling misconceptions about the new age ascension movement while giving an amazing quick reference to explain some difficult to explain ideas.

{December 17, 2009}   The Cosmic Tribe Tarot

The Cosmic Tribe Tarot by Stevee Postman

The Cosmic Tribe Tarot by Stevee Postman is perhaps my favorite Tarot Deck of all time, in fact it’s the tarot deck that I use most frequently. Each beautiful card takes you on a psychadelic spiritual trip through the psyche of the spiritual seeker. Postman’s masterful blend of photography and digital manipulation is sure to open your third eye. Each card seems to have been channeled by a higher consciousness. Seemingly inspired by the Crowley-Thoth deck, Postman abandons the traditional imagery for a stunning multidimensional framework which is easy to connect to and understand.

The models used in the deck come in all shapes and sizes. Postman offers 3 different versions of “The Lovers” card based on each sexual orientation (gay, lesbian and straight). You can use the one that suits you or your client best or find meaning for all three in your readings.

The deck of cards come with a brilliant 208 page deck explaining each card and how to use it for meditation purposes as well as readings.

{December 17, 2009}   Starseed Tools For Awakening

I’m going to review two Sirian tools which I feel work hand in hand together. The first is the The Starseed Awakening: Channeled Meditations from the Sirians cd and the second is the Sirian Seal: Starseed Tool of Transition which is available on the Author’s website.

The Starseed Awakening: Channeled Meditations from the Sirians

The Starseed Awakening: Channeled Meditations from the Sirians:
This is one of the most beautiful meditation cds I have ever listened to. Patricia and The Sirian High Council and numerous light beings that work with you in the meditation make sure that you feel safe and at ease. While doing the meditation I felt completely protected and imagery came effortlessly. You can feel the luminous beings around you, helping you through each step of these meditations. The soul retrieval meditation is very much like astral therapy and repair. The DNA activation is so powerful that by the end of the meditation I could physically feel changes within myself at a cellular level. I can see this becoming part of my daily meditation routine.

The Sirian Seal: Starseed Tool of Transition

Sirian Seal: Starseed Tool of Transition:
The Sirian Seal is a geometric form which has been given to Patricia from the Sirian High Council. The seal is made of copper and holds strong dimensional holographic imprints. When I received the Sirian Seal i took it out of the packaging and held it in my hands almost instinctively. The energy is so strong it feels like electricity for those sensitive to energy. When I first activated the seal I felt my hand surging with a power that didn’t feel threatening or invasive, yet very powerful at the same time. It was sort of like holding your hand under running water. I could feel a dot flicker where my third eye is. I felt a dot flicker above my third eye. I felt a very subtle fluttering go up my spine. I felt my crown open up and a beam fall down like a waterfall. I got the sensation of being inside a fluffy cloud that was around me protecting me like a womb. The image of the seal within my third eye then became three dimensional. I felt like it was being imprinted in every speak of reality that makes up me, both physical and beyond. I felt things shift away from me. This is amazing spiritual technology. I hear that everyone’s experience is a bit unique. And the book that comes with it is a full 74 page hard cover book full of great information about the Seal and psychic hygiene and great meditations and energy work.

I highly recommend using the Sirian Seal while listening to the Starseed Awakening.

Sirian Seal available at

Where Pharoahs Dwell

Where Pharoahs Dwell: One Mystic's Journey Through The Gates Of Immortality

I’m going to be completely honest. Being a big fan of Patricia’s work, I was a bit skeptical if I’d like this book as much as her other books. I know next to nothing about Egypt and it has never really interested me too much. But knowing that I love everything else Patricia has done, I gave it a chance. So with an open mind I began reading the book only to realize that I couldn’t put it down. You feel like you are right there with Patricia through the whole journey. She presents the story with honesty, humility and without watering down her metaphysical experiences.

This books is very different than her other work she does with the Sirian Speakers. This is a personal story of discovery and initiations, which makes you feel like you are experiencing these initiations and revelations for yourself. It is presented in such a clear manner and takes you step by step of her learning experience that you really don’t have to know anything about Egypt to read it. Based on past life-regressions and her channeling work with the Sirian Speakers, she eventually finds validation of the information she received within herself in the outside world, in Egypt. Patricia takes you to the remote, secret & forbidden places of Egypt on her search. I really want to leave a review without spoiling the book, so I’m going to talk about what happens in the book further than that. You definitely have to read it, even if you are a bit reluctant or know nothing about Egypt, like me. This book holds a special place in my heart and I’m sure it will for you. This book would make an excellent movie. It reminds me of a mix of the adventures of Indiana Jones with the discoveries and questioning along the line of Erich von Däniken but with a mystical and metaphysical experience.

{December 12, 2009}   Evolution & Revolution

No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening

The Sirian Revelations puts so many puzzle pieces together from such a metaphysical perspective that it seems like it comes from beyond our vantage point in the third dimension…that’s because it does.

The third book in the series, No More Secrets is a the metaphysician’s guide to the New World Order. The books is about evolution & revolution. Instead of pointing fingers in a paranoid frenzy of fear and anger and hopelessness, this book lays out the realities of the manipulations we are undergoing as a world and offers hope and ways to overcome them in our daily lives. No More Secrets is as optimistic as it is empowering despite such dark truths it uncovers.

Instead of talking about how our DNA has been unplugged at lengths as other books do, this book instructs you on how to activate your third strand of DNA and start the evolution process. The book explains the process of death vs the process of ascension and has great ideas about time, space and dimensions as well as past, future and parallel lives.

So put your ruby slippers on and travel through Oz as you confront the Great & Powerful Wizard and realize that he’s just a man behind a curtain with smoke and mirrors and that the true power has been within you the whole time.

Learn to reclaim your power and your world with No More Secrets No More Lies.

{December 12, 2009}   Advanced Material and Enlightening

The Starseed Dialogues: Soul Searching the Universe

The Sirian Revelations puts so many puzzle pieces together from such a metaphysical perspective that it seems like it comes from beyond our vantage point in the third dimension…that’s because it does.

The Starseed Dialogues is the first book by the Siriah High Council following the Sirian Revelations Trilogy. The book is presented in Q&A format. The questions are intriguing and insightful. The Sirians clarify parts of their messages which people had trouble understanding and give more insight into the topics. The topics range from discerning other channeled material from other sources, Atlantis, Aghartha our inner world, 2012, DNA evolution, the ascension process, the Vatican, sacred sites and more.

This book is an amazing read but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who hasn’t read the Sirian Revelations Trilogy first. I would start with the Trilogy to build a base understanding of the topics that are covered in this, since most of the questions asked are based upon the teachings of the Trilogy. This book is definitely advanced material but equally enlightening.

Infinite Love Is the Only Truth: Everything Else Is Illusion

I think this is one of my favorite David Icke books and the one most of his followers ignore. It’s less about conspiracies and more about metaphysics and spirituality. He steps out of the interdimensional conspiracies and finds the ultimate solution. The main message of the book is the title “Infinite Love Is The Only Truth: Everything Else Is Illusion”. It’s probably the easiest to read book due to his writing style (which in other books can be a bit rambling). He goes on to talk about the whole idea of reality being a Matrix used to control us, the potential of “junk DNA” and various spiritual topics.

The only part I didn’t fully resonate with in this book was his section on Ashtar Command and Alien Channelings / New Age Groups. A lot of the ideas within this book seem to straight out originate from famous extraterrestrial channelings (such as Barbara Marciniak on DNA) yet he condemns all of these “programs” while pushing the ideas contained in them. I do understand not blindly following these groups and to be discerning and questioning of them, but I think it’s folly to condemn them all in the same group. There is manipulation within every group, the new age groups as well, but that doesn’t mean all of them are manipulated. I don’t think David Icke has it all figured out and I don’t think his theories are 100% accurate but I do believe he’s very close and definitely worth a read to connect a few more dots.

The Cosmos of Soul: A Wake-Up Call For Humanity

The Sirian Revelations puts so many puzzle pieces together from such a metaphysical perspective that it seems like it comes from beyond our vantage point in the third dimension…that’s because it does.

The first book in the series, Cosmos of Soul brings forth higher dimensional insight about the shadows currently lurking within the human psyche at this time in history. Like the title suggests, it is truly a wake-up call for humanity. It shows us how these things not only affect ourselves but our planet and the larger family of light throughout the cosmos. The book urges us to realize that we create our own reality and that it is time to re-create this human experience.

The book explains the mysteries of various ancient sacred sites, the manipulation of the secret government, the genesis story, the AIDS virus, genetic engineering, cloning, the Internet and the Mayan Calendar amongst other topics.

Not only is this book empowering, but it offers comfort knowing that we are being looked over and assisted by higher beings who serve the light and that we are destined for the evolution of consciousness as we step out of the shadow of the third dimension and raise up towards the fourth dimension and ever onward.

{September 16, 2009}   A Wonderful Place To Begin

Bringers of The Dawn: Teachings From The Pleiades

This book is one of my all time favorites. Covering topics such as our DNA, the nature of Time, the nature of reality & dimensions, extraterrestrials, our history, reincarnation, politics, media, society, the nature of our soul, your chakras, sexaulity and relationships. Channeled back in 1988 by interdimensional extraterrestrials identifying themselves as “Pleiadians”. Most of the ideas and concepts have been revealed as true years later such as DNA and thoughts creating reality (research Quantum Physics). The main message of this book is to become a co-creator of your reality using your thoughts and to take responsibility for your life. It teaches you to become intune with nature and to not give your personal power to anyone or anything. This book will change your outlook on the world around you. It reveals our starseed heritage and the potential powerful beings of light we are destined to become again.

Just like any powerful channeled book the words seem to be written in a multidimensional code. This is a book I have read several times and gain new insight every time I read it. Just like any powerful channeled book it seems to have an energy of its own which works with synchronicity in your everday life.

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