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{January 3, 2010}   Use of potentially harmful chemicals kept secret under law

more than half of the 65 substantial risk reports filed with the Environmental Protection Agency involved secret chemicals.

Of the 84,000 chemicals in commercial use in the United States — from flame retardants in furniture to household cleaners — nearly 20 percent are secret, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, their names and physical properties guarded from consumers and virtually all public officials under a little-known federal provision.

The policy was designed 33 years ago to protect trade secrets in a highly competitive industry. But critics — including the Obama administration — say the secrecy has grown out of control, making it impossible for regulators to control potential dangers or for consumers to know which toxic substances they might be exposed to.

At a time of increasing public demand for more information about chemical exposure, pressure is building on lawmakers to make it more difficult for manufacturers to cloak their products in secrecy. Congress is set to rewrite chemical regulations this year for the first time in a generation.

Under the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act, manufacturers must report to the federal government new chemicals they intend to market. But the law exempts from public disclosure any information that could harm their bottom line.

Government officials, scientists and environmental groups say that manufacturers have exploited weaknesses in the law to claim secrecy for an ever-increasing number of chemicals. In the past several years, 95 percent of the notices for new chemicals sent to the government requested some secrecy, according to the Government Accountability Office. About 700 chemicals are introduced annually.

Some companies have successfully argued that the federal government should not only keep the names of their chemicals secret but also hide from public view the identities and addresses of the manufacturers.

Read the full article at the Washington Post


RainPebble says:

wow this is crazy although I had the feeling for years now..I am going to find me a spot in nature…Far away from a city or many ppl and live off the land..Work on the energy cleaning of the lands and waters. I wont be online for much longer if things keep up. Im just saying watch your back…After all the filters and iish the gover has implemented the past few days Im not sure how others haven’t caught on.

Elizabeth says:

One things we can avoid is ASPARTAME included in diet sodas and other ‘healthy’ drinks, like CRYSTAL LIGHT. It could also be in low-fat yogurts and anything that is touted as ‘sugar-free’ ‘low-fat’ etc. Those kinds of food are touted as ‘healthy’ but are anything but. The best way to go is totally natural like fruits and vegetables until they contanimate or limit those.. however they will or won’t. Always take a look at the ingredients on anything suspect. It is even included in baby food apparently! Also kool-aid I believe. I had an inkling to drink kool-aid a couple of years ago and I remember getting such a bad headache after drinking it for a while, I had to stop. It either had aspartame in it or else some other chemical. Phenylalaline (not sure how to spell that..!) is aspartame’s close cousin and is either often included with it or else a direct chemical descendant/partner. The other thing we can and should avoid is of course FLOURIDE which they put in something like 66% of water supplies, but not Europe, they stopped doing that in Europe for some reason. Interesting.

Elizabeth says:

For more information on ASPARTAME, which is actually listed by the FDA with harmful side effects, yet they still continue to use it in many things, go to

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