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{January 1, 2010}   Google Earth confirms Dreamtime meteor legend

Aboriginal legend tells of a meteor that fell in Palm Valley, which matches signs of a crater on Google Earth

Indigenous Australians might have been some of the earliest astronomers, a Sydney-based scientist has found.

Duane Hamacher, a PhD candidate at Macquarie University in Sydney, found a bowl-shaped crater in Palm Valley – about 130km south-west of Alice Springs – by searching for it on Google Earth after being tipped off by Aboriginal Dreamtime stories.

“Indigenous Australians tell lots of stories about stars falling out of the sky with a noise like thunder – and one of the stories gave a location in the Northern Territory,” the astronomer told the Northern Territory News.

“I searched for it on Google Earth, but when I really found something looking like a crater I couldn’t believe it.

“I was very hesitant with excitement as I thought I would look like an idiot if it was just something simple – but it wasn’t. It was a crater.”

When visiting the site with a team of geophysicists and astrophysicists, Mr Hamacher and his team found evidence of Palm Valley being an ancient meteorite crater.

Read the full article at the Herald Sun


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