The Starseed Garden

{December 28, 2009}   Arcturian Keys

Sacred Geometry: Unlock Your Potential with the Keys of the Arcturians

This is one of my favorite meditation tools. Janosh was a Dutch graphic designer uninterested in the new age movement. During the Harmonic Concordance of 2003 he felt the call to take part in the worldwide meditation for piece. Shortly thereafter he started receiving visions of three dimensional designs. Later he found out that these designs were some of the most famous crop circles which are still unexplained. He then started receiving information about the designs and their meanings from beings he identifies as the Arcturians.

The kit contains 33 beautiful cards used for meditation and divination. It includes an 89 page book explaining his story, the basics of sacred geometry and the meaning given to him about each design. Also included is a hardcover journal to record your experiences with the cards and 100 page tracing paper pad to help you connect kinestheticly to the images. The kit also includes a pencil and a 8 track music CD to listen to while contemplating the designs or tracing them.

The combination of multi-color holograms with the codes are called Keys “because they unlock potentials that already exist inside of us”.


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