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{December 17, 2009}   Starseed Tools For Awakening

I’m going to review two Sirian tools which I feel work hand in hand together. The first is the The Starseed Awakening: Channeled Meditations from the Sirians cd and the second is the Sirian Seal: Starseed Tool of Transition which is available on the Author’s website.

The Starseed Awakening: Channeled Meditations from the Sirians

The Starseed Awakening: Channeled Meditations from the Sirians:
This is one of the most beautiful meditation cds I have ever listened to. Patricia and The Sirian High Council and numerous light beings that work with you in the meditation make sure that you feel safe and at ease. While doing the meditation I felt completely protected and imagery came effortlessly. You can feel the luminous beings around you, helping you through each step of these meditations. The soul retrieval meditation is very much like astral therapy and repair. The DNA activation is so powerful that by the end of the meditation I could physically feel changes within myself at a cellular level. I can see this becoming part of my daily meditation routine.

The Sirian Seal: Starseed Tool of Transition

Sirian Seal: Starseed Tool of Transition:
The Sirian Seal is a geometric form which has been given to Patricia from the Sirian High Council. The seal is made of copper and holds strong dimensional holographic imprints. When I received the Sirian Seal i took it out of the packaging and held it in my hands almost instinctively. The energy is so strong it feels like electricity for those sensitive to energy. When I first activated the seal I felt my hand surging with a power that didn’t feel threatening or invasive, yet very powerful at the same time. It was sort of like holding your hand under running water. I could feel a dot flicker where my third eye is. I felt a dot flicker above my third eye. I felt a very subtle fluttering go up my spine. I felt my crown open up and a beam fall down like a waterfall. I got the sensation of being inside a fluffy cloud that was around me protecting me like a womb. The image of the seal within my third eye then became three dimensional. I felt like it was being imprinted in every speak of reality that makes up me, both physical and beyond. I felt things shift away from me. This is amazing spiritual technology. I hear that everyone’s experience is a bit unique. And the book that comes with it is a full 74 page hard cover book full of great information about the Seal and psychic hygiene and great meditations and energy work.

I highly recommend using the Sirian Seal while listening to the Starseed Awakening.

Sirian Seal available at


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