The Starseed Garden

{December 12, 2009}   Evolution & Revolution

No More Secrets, No More Lies: A Handbook to Starseed Awakening

The Sirian Revelations puts so many puzzle pieces together from such a metaphysical perspective that it seems like it comes from beyond our vantage point in the third dimension…that’s because it does.

The third book in the series, No More Secrets is a the metaphysician’s guide to the New World Order. The books is about evolution & revolution. Instead of pointing fingers in a paranoid frenzy of fear and anger and hopelessness, this book lays out the realities of the manipulations we are undergoing as a world and offers hope and ways to overcome them in our daily lives. No More Secrets is as optimistic as it is empowering despite such dark truths it uncovers.

Instead of talking about how our DNA has been unplugged at lengths as other books do, this book instructs you on how to activate your third strand of DNA and start the evolution process. The book explains the process of death vs the process of ascension and has great ideas about time, space and dimensions as well as past, future and parallel lives.

So put your ruby slippers on and travel through Oz as you confront the Great & Powerful Wizard and realize that he’s just a man behind a curtain with smoke and mirrors and that the true power has been within you the whole time.

Learn to reclaim your power and your world with No More Secrets No More Lies.


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