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{December 1, 2009}   2012 – We’re Already In It
2012 - We're Already In It

2012 - We're Already In It

I recently watched “2012 – We’re Already In It” by film maker Patty Greer. This movie isn’t a doom and gloom documentary such as the ones being pumped out by mainstream media (including the History Channel and Travel Channel). This movie gives another perspective about the Mayan Calendar End date. The documentary ties together the aspects of extra-terrestrial life, crop circle, inter-dimensional communication amongst other topics. The video’s main message is to stop worrying about 2012 and realize that we are indeed in the midst of the 2012 transition on the planet right now. The video has a great soundtrack and beautiful images and very interesting interviews. Amongst the many speakers, not surprisingly, Patricia Cori gives the best insight and upliftment in this film. Make sure you don’t miss this video. It didn’t win the 2009 EBE Award for nothing! To grab yourself a copy make sure you visit Patty Greer’s website or visit


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