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Judge sees nothing wrong with being electroshocked, bound, hooked and abused by carnies.

A federal judge Wednesday sided with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in a legal fight in which animal rights activists accused the circus of abusing its Asian elephants.

In a 57-page opinion, U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan said a former Ringling employee, Tom Rider, and the Animal Protection Institute did not have legal standing to sue the circus under the Endangered Species Act.

Rider and the institute had argued that Ringling Bros. had violated the Endangered Species Act because handlers used bull hooks on elephants and chained them for long periods. Such techniques harmed the elephants, Rider and API argued.

Attorneys for Feld Entertainment, Ringling’s parent company, replied that the elephants were not abused and were, in fact, loved by their trainers.

“We are gratified with today’s decision because it is a victory for elephants over those whose radical agenda, if adopted, could lead to the extinction of the species,” Feld Entertainment chief executive Kenneth Feld said in a statement.

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The ruling by a federal judge in the lawsuit against Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was not based on the lengthy record of indisputable cruelty to baby elephants, some of whom died during abusive training, or the cruelty to adult elephants who are beaten with bullhooks—the equivalent of a fireplace poker—time and time again. The judge’s decision was based solely on the ruling that the former circus trainer and animal protection organizations do not have legal standing to raise these issues.

Just this year during an undercover investigation, PETA recorded Ringling trainers striking elephants with bullhooks backstage at circus shows. We also released shocking photos of baby elephants who were abused with ropes, chains, bullhooks, and electric prods at Ringling’s training center.

During a six-week trial, evidence revealed that Ringling routinely abuses elephants with bullhooks and subjects them to prolonged chaining. Bullhooks have only one purpose—to inflict pain. The sharp metal hook bruises, punctures, and tears elephants’ sensitive skin easily and often. Please urge the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to end the use of bullhooks and chains on elephants.

Thank you for your compassion for animals.


RaeLeann Smith
Circus & Government Affairs Specialist


“Your scientists are far from understanding the purpose, function, and form of black holes which permeate the Cosmos[…]


The spirit of your expanding physical universe pushes through it’s vortices, journeying along astral planes, to experience its higher dimensional selves, as well as parallel universes which co-exist as deity bodies of Prime Creator. Described to you as “black holes,” the vortices through which the evolving soul consciousness of Universal Being passes are actually curvings of space-spiraling energy torus tubes which defy all laws of physics currently available to you.

Your modern scientists want to define a black hole as a point of departure, where matter somehow leaves the material universe, without even venturing to explain where it then goes. Similarly, if science would wish to describe a white hole as a point of resurgence of matter, would it not have to define from whence it emanates, given the foregone contradiction that in leaving, it has gone “nowhere”?

The white hole, then, is the vortex through which an aspect of the soul consciousness of Universal Being returns to its material body.


It is via this cyclical rebirthing that your galaxy is continually being renewed, and we remind you that the birthing process is always as such a passing from one form to another, through the sacred darkness and the light and back again.”

– Page 46 – 47 “Cosmos Of Soul” by Patricia Cori

This artist’s impression shows how jets from supermassive black holes could form galaxies, thereby explaining why the mass of black holes is larger in galaxies that contain more stars.

Which come first, the supermassive black holes that frantically devour matter or the enormous galaxies where they reside? A brand new scenario has emerged from a recent set of outstanding observations of a black hole without a home: black holes may be “building” their own host galaxy. This could be the long-sought missing link to understanding why the masses of black holes are larger in galaxies that contain more stars.

“The ‘chicken and egg’ question of whether a galaxy or its black hole comes first is one of the most debated subjects in astrophysics today,” says lead author David Elbaz. “Our study suggests that supermassive black holes can trigger the formation of stars, thus ‘building’ their own host galaxies. This link could also explain why galaxies hosting larger black holes have more stars.”

To reach such an extraordinary conclusion, the team of astronomers conducted extensive observations of a peculiar object, the nearby quasar HE0450-2958 (see ESO PR 23/05 for a previous study of this object), which is the only one for which a host galaxy has not yet been detected. HE0450-2958 is located some 5 billion light-years away.

Until now, it was speculated that the quasar’s host galaxy was hidden behind large amounts of dust, and so the astronomers used a mid-infrared instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope for the observations [2]. At such wavelengths, dust clouds shine very brightly, and are readily detected. “Observing at these wavelengths would allow us to trace dust that might hide the host galaxy,” says Knud Jahnke, who led the observations performed at the VLT. “However, we did not find any. Instead we discovered that an apparently unrelated galaxy in the quasar’s immediate neighbourhood is producing stars at a frantic rate.”

Read the full European Southern Observatory Press Release

{December 30, 2009}   Genetic Modification Used for Good?

The see-through goldfish: Japanese scientists develop fish whose hearts and brains are visible thanks to translucent skin

First came see-through frogs. Now Japanese researchers have succeeded in producing goldfish whose beating hearts can be seen through translucent scales and skin.

The transparent creatures are part of efforts to reduce the need for dissections, which have become increasingly controversial, particularly in schools.

‘You can see a live heart and other organs because the scales and skin have no pigments,’ said Yutaka Tamaru, an associate professor in the department of life science at Mie University.

‘You don’t have to cut it open. You can see a tiny brain above the goldfish’s black eyes.’

The joint team of researchers at Mie University and Nagoya University in central Japan produced the ‘ryukin’ goldfish by picking mutant hatchery goldfish with pale skin and breeding them together.

‘Having a pale colour is a disadvantage for goldfish in an aquarium but it’s good to see how organs sit in a body three-dimensionally,’ Tamaru said.

The fish are expected to live up to roughly 20 years. They could grow as long as 25cm (10in) and weigh more than 2kg (5lb), much bigger than other fish used in experiments, such as zebrafish and Japanese medaka, Tamaru said.

‘As this goldfish grows bigger, you can watch its whole life,’ he said.

Meanwhile another group of researchers, who announced in 2007 they had developed see-through frogs, said they planned to start selling the four-legged creatures, whose skin is transparent from the tadpole stage.

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{December 30, 2009}   Amputee turned into a Mermaid

A woman who lost both her legs as a child has been turned into a mermaid by the Lord of the Rings special effects team so she can go swimming.

Nadya Vessey was born with a condition that meant her legs would never develop properly and by the time she was 16 she had both her legs amputated.

Now in her fifties, with false legs, she was approached by a little boy who asked her what had happened to her legs, so she told him she was a mermaid.

Miss Vessey said: “One day a little boy came up, he must have been about four and he saw me taking off my (prosthetic) legs and he started with the ‘why’ questions, you know, ‘why haven’t you got any legs’, etc.

“And I said ‘have you heard of The Little Mermaid and he said ‘yes’ and I said ‘I’m a mermaid’ and he got this look on his face and he said ‘wow that’s cool’ and ran off to tell his dad.

“I’ll have to turn up to that beach again sometime with my tail – just in case he’s there.”

The idea grew on her and so she wrote to Oscar winning Weta Workshop, which was also behind the stunning visuals in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and ‘King Kong’, and asked them to make her a tail.

To her surprise they agreed, creating a prosthetic tail from wetsuit fabric and plastic moulds.

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Experts believe a pregnant cow in distress might have led one of the pods to their death

Hundreds of holidaymakers witnessed the birth of a long-finned pilot whale as they struggled to rescue an entire pod stranded on a treacherous beach in New Zealand.

The mother was among 63 whales, mostly cows with calves, that were beached at Colville Bay near Coromandel township early on Sunday. About two thirds of the animals, measuring up to 12ft (3.6m) long, were saved by residents and holidaymakers who kept them wet in the low tide until they could be refloated in the afternoon.

By yesterday a Department of Conservation boat, which had kept close to the pod to ensure that it did not return, reported that the whales were at least 20 miles out to sea, according to Mike Donaghue, a senior adviser at the department.

Ingrid Visser, of the Orca Research Trust charity, watched the calf being born. “It was an amazing sight to see the calf pop like a cork out of the water. We had only just refloated the calf’s mother and once the calf was born the cow took it first to the group of whales nearest her, then to the other two. Within 15 minutes she had headed out to sea with the calf and the others had followed her.”

She said that it was likely that the distressed mother had swum into the shallow bay for protection and her pod had followed her.

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Blue Whale Song Mystery Baffles Scientists

All around the world, blue whales aren’t singing like they used to, and scientists have no idea why.

The largest animals on Earth are singing in ever-deeper voices every year. Among the suggested explanations are ocean noise pollution, changing population dynamics and new mating strategies. But none of them is entirely convincing.

“We don’t have the answer. We just have a lot of recordings,” said Mark McDonald, president of Whale Acoustics, a company that specializes in the sonic monitoring of cetaceans.

McDonald and his collaborators first noticed the change eight years ago, when they kept needing to recalibrate the automated song detectors used to track blue whales off the California coast. The detectors are triggered by songs that match a particular waveform. Every year, McDonald had to set them lower.

Since then, he and Scripps Institution of Oceanography researchers Sarah Melnick and John Hildebrand have gathered thousands of blue whale recordings made since the 1960s, spanning populations from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific to the East Indian Ocean. Their analysis, published in October in Endangered Species Research, shows that the songs’ tonal frequency is falling every year by a few fractions of a hertz.

“It’s a fascinating finding,” said John Calombokidis, a blue whale expert at the Cascadia Research Collective. “It’s even more remarkable, given that the songs themselves differ in different oceans. There seem to be these distinct populations, yet they’re all showing this common shift.”

According to McDonald, the first explanation to come to mind involved noise pollution caused by increased shipping traffic. Ambient ocean noise has increased by more than 12 decibels since the mid-20th century. But if whales were trying to be heard above the din, they’d sing at higher rather than lower pitches, said McDonald.

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{December 28, 2009}   Arcturian Keys

Sacred Geometry: Unlock Your Potential with the Keys of the Arcturians

This is one of my favorite meditation tools. Janosh was a Dutch graphic designer uninterested in the new age movement. During the Harmonic Concordance of 2003 he felt the call to take part in the worldwide meditation for piece. Shortly thereafter he started receiving visions of three dimensional designs. Later he found out that these designs were some of the most famous crop circles which are still unexplained. He then started receiving information about the designs and their meanings from beings he identifies as the Arcturians.

The kit contains 33 beautiful cards used for meditation and divination. It includes an 89 page book explaining his story, the basics of sacred geometry and the meaning given to him about each design. Also included is a hardcover journal to record your experiences with the cards and 100 page tracing paper pad to help you connect kinestheticly to the images. The kit also includes a pencil and a 8 track music CD to listen to while contemplating the designs or tracing them.

The combination of multi-color holograms with the codes are called Keys “because they unlock potentials that already exist inside of us”.

Ascension Magick: Ritual, Myth & Healing for the New Aeon

A must have for lightworkers and starseeds. Christopher Penczak explores the basics of the new age ascension movement. This books gives a great foundation for often confusing concepts within this new age spirituality. The book covers ideas and concepts including angels, aliens, ascended masters, merkabah, the rays, channeling, dowsing, DNA, ascension, paradigm shift, human evolution and reincarnation among other things.

This book is well written and easy to read. Penczak draws on his Pagan background to explain and expand on the concepts within the book to a metaphysical audience who may not know anything about these ideas. It is a great beginner guide to anyone who is interested in these topics. This is a very thick book and Christopher does well in dispelling misconceptions about the new age ascension movement while giving an amazing quick reference to explain some difficult to explain ideas.

The baby elephants scream, cry, and struggle as they are stretched out, slammed to the ground, gouged with bullhooks, and shocked with electric prods.

Pulled to the ground by a web of ropes, a baby elephant learns the hard way how to become a circus performer. In case the youngster doesn’t want to co-operate, a trainer stands by with one of the sharp metal hooks used to manage the animals. The disturbing picture is one of a series taken by a former trainer which campaigners say reveal the brutal reality of how elephants are prepared for circus work. The pictures show them being dragged to the ground by ropes, chained side by side, pinned down by a hook in the back of the neck and checked by cattleprods. Peta – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – say the elephants are also separated from their mothers by force. The photographs are being used to spearhead a campaign to tighten up laws on the use of wild beasts in circuses. The Government here is considering legislation to impose stricter conditions on their care, training and performance, particularly where young are concerned. The pictures were taken in the U.S. by handler Sammy Haddock, who worked for the Ringling Bros’ Barnum and Bailey Circus until 2005. They were taken more than seven years ago – but Peta says such methods are widespread, and ‘effectively amount to the torture of defenseless animals’.

Read the full article and see all the shocking pictures at Mail Online
PETA’s Petition
Patricia Cori’s Petition

{December 25, 2009}   The Dolphin Massacre

The Cove

What does the Japanese government want to keep hidden from the public? Cove is a powerful documentary movie revealing the slaughter of over 20,000 dolphins in Japan every year. Richard O’Barry who found and trained the dolphins who were used to play Flipper on the Flipper TV series explains why he had a change of heart about dolphin captivity after one of his dolphins commited suicide in his arms due to depression from the captivity.

In Taijii Japan they capture dolphins and sell them to amusement parks, exhibits and other “swimming with dolphins” experiences. They also kill dolphins for meat and are giving it to the Japanese school children for free to gain sympathy for their massacres. The level of mercury in dolphin meat is deadly to humans.

O’Barry, feeling responsible for creating this multi-million dollar industry revoling around dolphins decides to do something about it. He enlists a covert team of specialists with different skills to create an illegal mission to gain evidence of what is occuring in Japan.

The documentary had me in tears several times as I’m sure it will for you. It is moving and shocking.

Please Sign The Petition To Stop The Dolphin Slaughter In Japan

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