The Starseed Garden

{November 27, 2009}   Lightworker Grounding Technique

Like The Roots Of A Tree

Grounding is the process of extending your energy body into Gaia to keep yourself rooted there. Grounding helps you ground excessive energy surges you are unable to contain within yourself and helps you dispel energy you don’t need any more from an external source. When you ground you remain stable and calm. Connecting to Gaia helps you stay “down to Earth” while doing energy work. It also helps you monitor and maintain the energy flowing through your body. It helps you stay in the present moment and become aware of the world around you. Grounding is done before centering.

A good tip is to make sure you are barefoot. Rubber soles can disturb the flow of energy within the grounding process.

Sit in a chair or sit cross legged on the floor. Make sure you are comfortable with no distractions. Relax. Close your eyes. Relax every muscle in your body and every bone systematically from your face to your toes.

Draw your attention to your breathing without letting your mind wander. If your mind wanders at any time bring it back to your breath. Focus on it until you gain a meditative state. Now slowly draw your attention to where you and the ground or chair connect. Pay attention to where your buttocks feels the heaviest against the ground. Visualize a beam of light running through your body and hitting each of your chakras. Now visualize that beam running beyond your buttocks and into the ground.

Visualize the beam branching out like the roots of a tree into the Earth. Let your roots go deeper and deeper into the soil. Let it go deeper and deeper down, past the soil to the rocks within the earth, past the rocks down into the bedrock. Go even deeper, past the bedrock and into the crystalline core of the Earth herself. Now ask Gaia to send her love. Now soak up that energy through your roots up into your body. Don’t worry about taking too much energy. The love and light of Mother Earth is infinite. Now let this love energy fill your whole body.

You are now grounded. A quick way to test if you are grounded well or not is to balance on one leg. If you can do this easily then you are anchored into the Mother firmly.


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