The Starseed Garden

{November 24, 2009}   Lightworker Heart Generator Technique

Heart Chakra

This meditation came to me while using the Sirian Seal

Sit or lay down. Make sure you are comfortable with no distractions. Relax. Close your eyes. Relax every muscle in your body and every bone systematically from your face to your toes.

Take 3 deep breaths. Keep a steady breathing going on. As you inhale draw in the cosmic light energy of love. As you exhale, release any unwanted energies out of you to be transmuted into high vibrational love energy.

Try to keep your mind clear. If it wanders just focus on your breath and the intake of light and the transmutation of unwanted energy out of your body.

Intend with all your might that any energies within your atmosphere that do not serve the highest intentions for all be returned to where they came from in accordance to their evolutionary advancement. Do not “banish” these energies. Send them love and on their way for their own healing and path towards the light.

Once the room feels light and positive, focus on your heart chakra. Visualize it creating a force-field type wave around your chest. Keep the mantra “I love”. With this Mantra you are not just focusing on the things you love but the fact that you and love are one and the same.

So focus on your chest and mentally or physically say “I love”. Feel the cleansing. Now bring the field of love-light around your whole body and affirm “I love”. Think about your body on all astral levels and dimensions. Feel the love you have for yourself.

Keep doing this extending more and more out.

You -> Room -> House -> Block -> City -> State -> Country -> Continent -> Earth -> Solar System -> Galaxy -> Cosmos -> Universe -> Beyond to Source or Prime Creator.

Each time you send out your wave of love. Feel everything within it’s domain. For example when doing it to the Earth, feel your love for the Earth and all her inhabitants (plants, animals, people. earth, water, air, etc)

By the time you get to Prime Creator, you should be experiencing amazing things within your body and soul.

With this meditation you are not only aligning yourself with love and light but you are raising the vibration and frequency of everything in your atmosphere, from yourself to the entirety of existence.

Love & Light,


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