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Julia Set Crop Circle

The Julia Set Crop Circle from 1996

The process of awakening the light body begins with the healing and release of blocked emotions, thoughts manifest as illness within the physical body and the re-integration of the fragments of our being that we have left behind along our journey. As we cannot move forward without them, the opening segment of the course will be dedicated to calling them home to us – a most essential aspect of our preparation for ascension.

This one-day intensive course, facilitated by Sirian Light Beings, focuses on opening the energy byways, drawing from the multi-dimensional self the innate abilities that will prepare us for ascension. Guided by Light Beings from many dimensions, we will be shown the way to the acceleration of our spiritual and emotional experience – preparing the way for the activation of the third strand of DNA and the awakening of the light body.

Activation of the new crystalline matrix that is forming in our evolving beings (the integration of this additional strand of DNA), creates triangulation within the consciousness of every cell of our physical bodies – the Trinity of divine awareness. The entire energy body, the chakras and their corresponding glandular systems (particularly the pineal gland) the Ida and Pingala energy byways, the auric body – every aspect of existence in the world of matter is about to CHANGE and we, the awakening, are eager to accelerate that process. We are ready for change. We came into this reality to facilitate the Great Awakening about to take place on Planet Earth and we are grateful for the opportunity to be of service here, as guardians of the collective soul.

Those of us who have come in to serve as guides and healers in the process of Gaia’s evolution are called to initiation: the activation of the third strand; cellular regeneration; resonance with the higher frequencies; connection with the Galactic Family of Light Beings.

This intensive is offered to those who are ready to take the leap as the first of a two part training. Level 2 DNA Facilitators’ Training will be offered after a period of six months, during which participants will integrate the new energies, adjust to the newly attained frequencies and develop specific techniques and procedures to assist others in healing the DNA and retrieving the 3rd strand, pineal activation and strengthening their link with the higher beings who are serving in the process.

As we draw upon the patterns of all cosmic consciousness, we will also ground ourselves to Gaia, for this is our celestial home – as it will be for those who choose to ascend into the next dimension: the New Frontier. This, in absolute integrity, honesty, and conviction – for we are past the time when we can distract ourselves with imaginings, posturing and spiritual rhetoric. We must clear away the distractions, prepared to walk in the light of Absolute Truth – at peace in our souls, pioneers of the Brave New World.

For more information please visit  Sirian Revelations.

Below is the schedule for Patricia’s workshops for 2010 from her newsletter.

January 28, 2010
Mexico City
Conference (with Spanish translation)

January 30, 2010
Mexico City
Level One DNA Activation Intensive (with translation)
Please contact organizer Hilda Martinez Berlanga at

March 10-22, 2010
Egypt: Sacred Journey, Where Pharaohs Dwell

June 7/8, 2010
Cannes, France
Details follow

June 25/26, 2010
Madrid, Spain
UFO/ET Congress
Details follow

July 2010
Mystical England and the Crop Circles
Level One and Two Intensive Workshops
Tentative dates: July 16-26, 2010

September 2010
Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada
Communicating with the Great Whales


{November 27, 2009}   Lightworker Centering Technique

Centering Your Energy

Centering brings all your energy and thoughts to the center of your being. It helps with focus and direction of energy, meditation, healing and visualizations. Centering is done after you have grounded.

After you have grounded your energy. Bring all of the light within your body into the third eye chakra (between your eyebrows) and the part where your top of the spine and base of the skull meet. Now slowly draw that energy into a central point between those spots to the pineal gland. Visualize and feel the energy turning golden.

With every inhalation the energy glows brighter and brighter. Keep this energy glowing while you ground again and draw up more of the energy of light and love from Mother Earth into your body. This time center your energy in your Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is located above your stomach and below your rib cage. Focus the light energy into your solar plexus and visualize and feel the energy turn golden. With every inhalation let the energy glow brighter and brighter.

Now imagine the two balls of golden light meeting half way to your heart. Your heart is the bridge of the higher and lower chakras. Now visualize your heart glowing brighter and brighter golden. You should feel your energy very balanced and energized and ready to take on whatever energy work you are planning to do. Your energy is now balanced within your body, your mind and your heart.

{November 27, 2009}   Lightworker Grounding Technique

Like The Roots Of A Tree

Grounding is the process of extending your energy body into Gaia to keep yourself rooted there. Grounding helps you ground excessive energy surges you are unable to contain within yourself and helps you dispel energy you don’t need any more from an external source. When you ground you remain stable and calm. Connecting to Gaia helps you stay “down to Earth” while doing energy work. It also helps you monitor and maintain the energy flowing through your body. It helps you stay in the present moment and become aware of the world around you. Grounding is done before centering.

A good tip is to make sure you are barefoot. Rubber soles can disturb the flow of energy within the grounding process.

Sit in a chair or sit cross legged on the floor. Make sure you are comfortable with no distractions. Relax. Close your eyes. Relax every muscle in your body and every bone systematically from your face to your toes.

Draw your attention to your breathing without letting your mind wander. If your mind wanders at any time bring it back to your breath. Focus on it until you gain a meditative state. Now slowly draw your attention to where you and the ground or chair connect. Pay attention to where your buttocks feels the heaviest against the ground. Visualize a beam of light running through your body and hitting each of your chakras. Now visualize that beam running beyond your buttocks and into the ground.

Visualize the beam branching out like the roots of a tree into the Earth. Let your roots go deeper and deeper into the soil. Let it go deeper and deeper down, past the soil to the rocks within the earth, past the rocks down into the bedrock. Go even deeper, past the bedrock and into the crystalline core of the Earth herself. Now ask Gaia to send her love. Now soak up that energy through your roots up into your body. Don’t worry about taking too much energy. The love and light of Mother Earth is infinite. Now let this love energy fill your whole body.

You are now grounded. A quick way to test if you are grounded well or not is to balance on one leg. If you can do this easily then you are anchored into the Mother firmly.

Heart Chakra

This meditation came to me while using the Sirian Seal

Sit or lay down. Make sure you are comfortable with no distractions. Relax. Close your eyes. Relax every muscle in your body and every bone systematically from your face to your toes.

Take 3 deep breaths. Keep a steady breathing going on. As you inhale draw in the cosmic light energy of love. As you exhale, release any unwanted energies out of you to be transmuted into high vibrational love energy.

Try to keep your mind clear. If it wanders just focus on your breath and the intake of light and the transmutation of unwanted energy out of your body.

Intend with all your might that any energies within your atmosphere that do not serve the highest intentions for all be returned to where they came from in accordance to their evolutionary advancement. Do not “banish” these energies. Send them love and on their way for their own healing and path towards the light.

Once the room feels light and positive, focus on your heart chakra. Visualize it creating a force-field type wave around your chest. Keep the mantra “I love”. With this Mantra you are not just focusing on the things you love but the fact that you and love are one and the same.

So focus on your chest and mentally or physically say “I love”. Feel the cleansing. Now bring the field of love-light around your whole body and affirm “I love”. Think about your body on all astral levels and dimensions. Feel the love you have for yourself.

Keep doing this extending more and more out.

You -> Room -> House -> Block -> City -> State -> Country -> Continent -> Earth -> Solar System -> Galaxy -> Cosmos -> Universe -> Beyond to Source or Prime Creator.

Each time you send out your wave of love. Feel everything within it’s domain. For example when doing it to the Earth, feel your love for the Earth and all her inhabitants (plants, animals, people. earth, water, air, etc)

By the time you get to Prime Creator, you should be experiencing amazing things within your body and soul.

With this meditation you are not only aligning yourself with love and light but you are raising the vibration and frequency of everything in your atmosphere, from yourself to the entirety of existence.

Love & Light,

The Cosmos of Soul: A Wake-Up Call For Humanity

The Sirian Revelations puts so many puzzle pieces together from such a metaphysical perspective that it seems like it comes from beyond our vantage point in the third dimension…that’s because it does.

The first book in the series, Cosmos of Soul brings forth higher dimensional insight about the shadows currently lurking within the human psyche at this time in history. Like the title suggests, it is truly a wake-up call for humanity. It shows us how these things not only affect ourselves but our planet and the larger family of light throughout the cosmos. The book urges us to realize that we create our own reality and that it is time to re-create this human experience.

The book explains the mysteries of various ancient sacred sites, the manipulation of the secret government, the genesis story, the AIDS virus, genetic engineering, cloning, the Internet and the Mayan Calendar amongst other topics.

Not only is this book empowering, but it offers comfort knowing that we are being looked over and assisted by higher beings who serve the light and that we are destined for the evolution of consciousness as we step out of the shadow of the third dimension and raise up towards the fourth dimension and ever onward.

et cetera