The Starseed Garden

{October 12, 2009}   Barbara Marciniak’s 2010 Path To Empowerment Seminar

The Pleiades

Join Barbara and the Pleiadians for their 13th annual Sedona seminar on March 27-28.  It will be filled with the Pleiadians’ latest news and spiritual guidance for 2010 and will be near the Spring Equinox weekend.   The weekend title is from Barbara’s latest book, published in November, 2004.  Highly recommended!

Here’s everything YOU need to prepare for the physical, political, economic and energy changes facing us as we go beyond the Millennium towards 2012 AD.  Especially in these challenging Times – just as the Pleiadians predicted!

This seminar will include Barbara’s latest information on astrological forecasts, accepting responsibility, understanding self-produced frequencies during our age of information “meltdown,” how the mind builds frequencies that build reality, how to produce energy to change realities, how understanding accelerates energy, how to design your own world, what are alien agendas, how to cope with the craziness of it all, as well as group toning exercises and limited physical exercises, too. Hear Barbara’s cutting edge view of today’s “Bigger Picture” plus dialogue with the Pleiadians as never before.
This is the 13 th annual Spring Seminar that we’ve sponsored for Barbara in Sedona and each one has been more timely and more outrageous than the last.    Experience Sedona’s unique Red Rock vortex energies and Barbara at her best. It’s a weekend you won’t want to miss!!    Barbara will channel the Pleiadians both days with NEW material each day.

So, read her latest books, Family of Light, and Path of Empowerment, then join Barbara and her Pleiadian friends as they magically open insights and talents that we’ve forgotten we have.

Remember, “Nothing is exactly as it appears to be.” — Family of Light

In a recent class, Barbara’s Pleiadian friends said:

“On many levels this is the time of a culling.  Many watch to see who will make the choice.  What percentage of incarnated humans really have it in them of their own volition to recognize the drama and the chaos for what it is?   To choose their own world, to build their own world.  That is Spiritual Awakening.”

This 2-day seminar will be held at the 7 Centers School of Yoga Arts at 2115 Mountain Road, in West Sedona.

For more information click here.


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